Sous Pression

Here is the city in which I love, adore and sometimes get a bit angry over, that city is Portland. The city where I cook and contemplate the measures and sacrifices of opening my own restaurant or to continue my travels throughout the world, at this given time in my life.

Chef Sous Pression is a daily blog that shares my personal experiences being a chef transitioning from Northern WI, to Oregon, describing the challenges in finding a balance between the struggles of financial support and ethics within the kitchen here in Portland.

My subject matter consists of politics relating to the agricultural food safety and organic farming in this country, as well as, pieces about new restaurants, and the knowledge on how to execute that vision properly. I also post pictures of my food, whether within my home kitchen, test kitchen, or out and about with family and friends experiencing the wide array of cuisine that Oregon has to offer. In my research I find articles, photos and specific topics that are relevant to the blog, and my own personal mindset as a chef.

Breakfast from the Wallowa’s

Good morning from the Minam River kitchen and farm.

We are serving until 10 this morning.
We have plenty of room for your planes at our hangar.

This morning’s breakfast. ….

Cornmeal and blueberry flapjacks w/hazelnut maple butter.

Goerdel farms eggs, house cured and smoked bacon steaks….

And coffee brought in from the owners and familiy of Nossa familia

Minam River Lodge.

Tonight’s menu. …

From our garden..

Zucchini, heirloom tomato and shaved fennel salad w/light basil vinaigrette

Smoked tri tip with smoked carrot frawn carrots w/Oregon Olive Oil

And for dessert…peach, blackberry and balsamic cobbler….

Minam River Lodge

Tonight’s featured menu:

Roasted griller squash….w/spicy braised greens.

Garlic stuffed porchetta w/red wine caramelized onion jus

And Chocolate zucchini cake w/Almond ice cream

Wallowa Mountain Breakfast. ..

This is your chef and host Darius R Jones coming to you live from the Minam River Lodge. ….

High of 76 degrees w/rain throughout the day. There’s a break in the weather, the fog is starting to lift, and the runway is open.

Our menu this morning…..

House bacon steaks, Oatmeal and honey pancakes w/BlackBerry syrup, local eggs…mand fresh Rainer cherries. …

Breakfast from the Wallowa Mountains.

Good morning from the Minam River Lodge. The sun is shining, drying out the camp after the hard rains….dont be fooled. Heavy rain is still to come. Fly out for breakfast while its beautiful. The runway is soft but open and clear

The chefs cooking up a storm.
Oatmeal and honey pancakes, w/house bacon steaks, blackberry syrup and over easy eggs….

Breakfast from the Minam.

Good morning. Its a quiet and very cool morning out here at the lodge.

Were serving fresh ground coffee…
Cornbread w/caramelized apples, Pendleton bacon and local eggs….we’ll see you soon.

Darts? (at Minam River Lodge)

Darts? (at Minam River Lodge)

Today’s lunch menu from the Minam River Lodge.

Farm fresh butter lettuce w/Minam Vinegar.

Soft herb and Granada bread pudding

Fresh tomato and zucchini sauce w/durum wheat noodles. ..

The dining room just had it’s first turn, the landing strip is open….

Minam River Lodge.

Tonight’s Dinner Menu.

Chef Darius R Jones.

Freekeh and yellow cucumber salad w/soft herbs, toasted pine nuts on a bed of smoked squashes.

Firepit roasted cauliflower, broccolini and purple haze carrots

Smoked chicken w/housemade apricot preserves

Watermelon and Easter radish salad w/basil and mint.

We’re almost full for night, but we have a few more seats open for this evening’s feast…